Purchase Easy Signature electronic identification small

1) Agreement

By requesting certificates you will enter into an agreement with IDSoft Inc (EasySoft).

IDSoft AB (Easy Soft) is a registered company with organization VAT No:  SE556923875001 within European Union (Sweden).
The respective General Terms and Conditions are accessible here. (requires an PDF Reader).

2) Identification control

Please use your personal credit card for payment if your are purchasing individual electronic e-id. This is used to confirm your identity. 

Extensive Identification control for Certificate & e-id 

During the Easy signature certificate/e-id enrollment process you will be asked to provide necessary information to enable the issuance of the certificate.

The applicant / certificate owners identity (SIR) is checked and is registered in our Database to prevent fraud and illegal use.
This requires e.g. the presentation of the following documents to Easy Signature:

  1.    a copy of the your company registration credentials entry from the relevant public register (e.g. commercial register) or equivalent document.
  2.    a signed copy of the identity card of the certificate owner if a natural person. In all other cases, a signed copy of the identity card of the ordering person.

As soon as we have received and successfully verified the necessary documents that we need to issue the certificate

3)  Legal usage of e-signatures

US UETA, E-Sign Act and EU Digital Signature Directive states that electronic signatures are legally binding; however there is very little case law.
The legal framework needs to be reviewed on a case by case basis and independent legal advice may need to be sought to ensure compliance with differing
international laws. At present the use of digital signatures is based on agreement between the communicating parties.
Therefore we recommend to our customer either use it for internal processes only or issue a legal binding document that states that all document
signed by a valid e-signature is here by legally binding.


Please observe the relevant laws and regulations for the specific field before using e-signatures.
(e.g. In Sweden electronic signatures are not approved for testament (or will), purchasing Real Estate, Property and Land. Special Qualified signatures are permitted for electronic invoicing.)

NOTICE: This not only related to Easy Signature solution but all e-signature solutions that exist.

Read more if needed in our FAQ section.